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Immobiliare Vesta Real Estate

Vesta Real Estate Agency was founded in 1963 by Geom. Giovanni Polito. The professionalism demonstrated by the agency has been growing more and more in all the services of buying and selling real estate and leases, so much so that over time it becomes more and more established earning the trust of many clients.
In 2009, it was Dr. Roberta Polito who took the reins of the agency and carried on the family business, which today operates mainly on Trieste and surrounding areas and operates throughout Friuli Venezia Giulia. Today, Immobiliare Vesta deals with all types of real estate: houses, apartments,villas and cottages, detached houses, commercial premises, garages, sheds, etc...
Dr. Polito, upon graduating from college, has wanted to work with her father since 1993. Vesta Real Estate is a member of F.I.A.I.P., the Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents. From 2001 to 2005, the agency developed a partnership with the prestigious auction house English Sotheby's. Today it maintains the partnership with Christie's affiliated agencies.
Founding member in 2016 of the business network ImmobiliTrieste.it, enabling the formation of a network of more than 60 real estate agencies in the city and improve the services offered to the public.

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Our Most important Services

Rent and Lease

Customers can get the best proposals in Trieste and surrounding areas and throughout Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Mortgage Counseling

Available to the customer the counseling service with regard to mortgages, to give the customer solutions

Real Estate Estimates

A proper real estate appraisal is necessary to qualify the property you put on the market

Real Estate Sales

Houses, Apartments, Villas and Cottages, Detached Houses, Commercial Premises, Boxes and Garages, Sheds...

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